fox terrier de pelo liso / smooth fox terrier

These spunky dogs are recognized to become escape artists of sorts. The Brazilian Terrier enjoys digging, and is quite great at doing so.

*** Fox Terrier - Smooth 15-20 lbs. Does not like to be left alone with nothing to do. Can be stubborn. If firm, consistent positive training is used, this terrier can excel in obedience.

This fox terrier named Dog was owned by Philadelphia attorney William Dulles (my great grand uncle). The exhibit at Widener University Art Gallery also focuses on the 68 Philadelphia-area families who sailed on the Titanic.

What a cute puppy!

Smooth Fox Terriers are feisty, high-energy dogs with loads of chutzpah.

Smooth Fox Terrier

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Smooth Fox Terrier - even when they are beyond annoying, they can still make me smile

Smooth Fox Terrier