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Love the "This-was-my-idea-and-everyone-loves-it" face.

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Still need those otps, but I send my support. Ah, I love Tumblr.

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New favorite cryptid: locals XD omg

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Its like that story where a brother and a sister were both homosexuals but their parents didnt know and were homophobes so they pretended to date the boyfriend/girlfriend of the other so that at night the parents would make the two girls sleep together and the two boys too

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Haha. That is how I feel today! Hope you're have a wonderful day!!! Miss you and love you beautiful!!!!

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And stand back and say, liar,liar pants on fire, and watch the expression on their face. :) (Ursula)

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😂😂 so true. I am supposed to be writing right this second and I am sitting just like this and on Pinterest!

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Oh! This is me and my cats every Saturday night!! Hahaba

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Careful, odds are I'm not expecting it and I will fall. In that case, yell "DOG PILE!" and keep it going

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I heaR JERUSALEM BELLS ARE RINGING ---> ok, but this is true tho, because I actually played this on the violin for a concert once, and now I can't hear this song without doing the bow movements

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