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I hate the fact that it's a " Skinny Girl Problems " picture, but I just think it is funny because I was always made to sit in the middle because i was the youngest ;)

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My 6'3 husband... our walk pattern is HILARIOUS! Him: Step...Step...Step...Step - Me: stepstepstepstepstepstepstepstep

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30 Awkward Moments Every Short Girl Understands

Repin for the taller one, like for the shorter one.>>>I'm the tall one :'( It's awkward sometimes>>>I am the tall one haha

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Being known as "cute" is nice and all until you're angry and people say, "awe you're so cute when you're angry" and you're like, "NO RECOGNIZE MY POWER! I am the darkness!!!"

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Or being asked if want the child's plate at a Mexican resturaunt buffet, when you're 21!!!!!! Yes that happened to me, yes they felt bad and gave me the adult plate at a child's price and that was the good part of it.

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19 Photos That Will Make Short Girls Laugh Way Harder Than They Should

Photos that make short girls laugh harder than they should/ Sometimes it feels like the world is conspiring against you.

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