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Fast and Fabulous Ideas to Decorate Your Garden

This big container cracked. Instead of throwing it away, a resourceful homeowner turned it into a table, topping it with a concrete circle (though you could do the same with wood or flagstone). Test Garden Tip: Watch for deals on big pots like this -- retailers often mark them down dramatically or give them away when they break.

Double-Duty Design: How to Build a Side Table Atop a Small Garden

This double-duty planter lets you have a place to set your drink and enjoy beautiful plants and flowers.


10 Garden Mosaic Projects

Tree Stump Mosaic - adorable garden idea for those ugly stumps that sit around our firepit!


Handig zo'n compacte tuinkast voor je kleine stadstuin. Voor al je tuingereedschap en zelfs een tafeltje om snel even een plant te verpotten