Are you in the market for a goat? Here are the best dairy goat breeds for the small farm. Find the perfect fit for you and your homestead

Little Barn Plans for Small Farms, Homesteads and Hobbies - If you have a small farm, homestead, market garden, mill, country business or serious hobby, you should take a look at these barn blueprints. Many of them combine storage spaces, vehicle parking, small animal shelters, shops, studios, greenhouses and potting sheds into one economical pole-frame building. Others are inexpensive all-purpose outbuildings that can help you with all of your work and storage needs.

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Planning a small farm home, old book online, obviously prices have changed but an interesting quick reed about having your own small family farm, like the advice about how many chickens and goats to have to feed a family of 4 for the year

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