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I would want this, because it signifies Disney, and I always feel young and little with Disney. I am a person that tends to like child things. It's like my reminder to never grow up

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23 Stunningly Subtle Disney Tattoos

13 & 18 are the best | 23 Stunningly Subtle Disney Tattoos | Just occured to me that little mermaid or alladin might also be cute meaningful tattoos for us. The movie we watched over and over every saturday for our first month, and the movie we each saw on our first visits to the cinema.

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17 Tiny and Adorable Disney Princess Tattoos

There's no reason you shouldn't make your Disney princess obsession permanent. You can show your love for all our favorite ladies with a tiny tattoo that will make a small and sweet statement.

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Possible future tattoo, maybe worked into my sleeve? Stitch has always been my power

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