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Here it is!! Enjoy!! Step 1. I used DoDo curling iron (wand 09-19) The brand of the iron doesn't really matter as long as you use the right wand to get this curls. Step 2. I used Moroccan oil as heat protection. If you have fine hair be careful with oils because it might make your hair heavy and uneasy to curl. Use volume spray instead (ask a local hairdresser about it) Step 3. Take a SMALL sections of hair, twist it around the wand tightly and leave it for 6 seconds! I start twist

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Kulkuls/Kalkals/Kidyo are bits of sweet dough moulded/shaped into small curls which look like butter curls or shells. The Kulkuls tend to look like worms & hence known as ‘Kidyo’ in Konkannim but they are most popular as “KULKULS.” They are an integral part of ‘KUSWAR’ (tray filled with traditional Christmas goodies) which are served whenRead More

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#Repost @beautyybyrose ・・・ ➰➰Been Loving The Small Curls Lately➰➰

Proenza Schouler Small Curl Clutch

#I Sea Beauty In You #Let This Compliment Overlap you with joy #I'll Wave it in your face if you don't xo

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