This print celebrates the unique traits of the House of Slytherin. *Print does not come with any frame or matte. *Prints are for personal use

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A fantastic description of Cap & Bucky's difference in loyalty, both loyal to each other but it is still different

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Slytherin - always knew I was a Slytherin and now, WOW...I've always lived by this quote. Uncanny!

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took JK Rowling's official quiz on pottermore and this is my house, felt awful and disgusted with myself at first, but after reading more and understanding the house more I feel better :)

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Slytherins: intelligence, determination, cunning, ambition, self-preservation, power. Slytherin helps you on the path to greatness. But greatness has two extremes and we have to be careful, more than any house, not to let these qualities cloud judgment.

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