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It's Alive Slime Lab. With It's Alive! Slime Lab young scientists can make slime grow, dance and mutate with the motorized Slime-O-Nator! Projects will teach the science behind the slime - but in the end, it is just good not-so-clean fun! This set includes Slime-O-Nator, graduated cylinder, wave dome, slime stick, goop scoop, mixing cup, dropper and 16-page full color book. $24.95

Take slime play to a whole new level with amazing magnetic slime. This recipe only takes five minutes to make and requires just a few materials, making it an easy way to WOW the kids!


Silly Slime Lab Wonderpack

Get your hands dirty with some seriously silly science experiments. In this Silly Slime Lab Wonderpack, kids get their summer STEM activity fix in the most fun way possible! Zipped into a handy tote is almost everything you need to concoct and invent, including an activity book full of instructions, inspiration and ideas. Click to find out more about Silly Slime Lab, and discover new Wonderpacks for endless summer fun. Get them before they're gone!


Candy Science Activities and Candy Lab Chocolate Factory

Candy science activities to celebrate Charlie and the Chocolate Factory! Make a candy lab and make chocolate slime, have a taste test, dissolve skittles, try floating m's, pop rocks sound science, and more fun candy activities for both math and science activities. Preschool and kindergarten candy activities.


Glow in the Dark Slime Recipe- made using only three ingredients that you probably already have on hand!


Radioactive-Looking Slime

The slime you might find in a real Mad Scientist's lab would probably be the result of some horrible genetic mutation. You can make slime that looks radioactive and toxic, yet is actually easy to make and safe. Here's how you do it.


SmartLab Toys It's Alive Slime Lab Review

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