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Run Away Brainz: DIY: How to bend aluminium the easy way with a home made brake and a few tricks

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8 Netflix hacks to completely change the way you binge

As it turns out, there are a whole slew of super secret hacks that can make your viewing experience more convenient and more enjoyable than ever before. #netflix #hacks @netflix

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Slew Rate in Audio Amplifiers - What Does it Mean? | Audioholics

Nativ Wave is built for the best headphones. It incorporates a balanced amplifier with an advanced 100% solid-state topology and a high-speed buffer with a slew rate above 2000 V/ms to prevent odd order distortion anomalies.

Marathon MA-5050 PRO Series Amplifier by Marathon. $877.49. * Output Power 8 (Ohms): 2 X 1200W* Output Power 4 (Ohms): 2 X 1900W* Output Power 2 (Ohms): 2 X 2500W* Output Power Bridge 8 (Ohms): 3600W* Output Power Bridge 4 (Ohms): 5000W* Frequency Response @ Half Power:15Hz - 25Khz (+0/-1Db)* Thd+Noise At 1Khz Full Power: 0.03%* Imd 60Hz & 7Khz 4:1: 0.038%* Signal To Noise Ratio: 102Db* Slew Rate (Input Filter Limited): 40V/Us* Damping Factor 1Khz@8 Ohm: 400:1* Input Sensiti...

Soulution 725 PREAMP Music signals gets the fastest travel time from input to output, and slew rate of only 400 ns....

Slew Rate Limitation in an Operational Amplifiers -A real op-amp is limited in its ability to respond instantaneously to an input signal with a high rate of change of its input voltage. This limitation is called the slew rate, referring to the maximum rate at which the output can be “slewed”.

Classic Gainclone amplifier based on LM1875/LM3886/LM3875 (...) IC's (all amplificiation circuitry on a single chip), you would be surprised how amazingly good these can sound, courtesy of short signal paths, low capacitance, big corporate R&D budgets and advanced manufacturing, they feature low distortion and very fast slew rates.

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Green Idea Reviews- Lots of great ideas that are eco-friendly and easy on the pocketbook. Also rates them on effectiveness which is great to know!