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All About Sleeves | Sleeve designs can be a little bit intimidating. Drafting them is kind of a science on its own, and it’s hard to imagine what shape you need to start with if you have no prior experience with patterning them yourself; trial and error is usually inevitable, and if you don’t have the time to commit to it, it’ll probably never get done. That’s why we’re bringing this All About Sleeves post to you!

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طريقة تفصيل الكم ،تفصيل الكم بأنواعه لفساتين،تفصيل الكم مع البترونات - منتدى خياطة

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How to Make a Sleeve Pattern - And How to Fit a Sleeve

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Detailing quantum way, detailing quantum types of dresses, with detailed quantum Alpetronat

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