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Being in love with you is so unbelievable at times that you actually love me back! It so melts my heart! Thank you for your sweet comments! I wish I had you in my arms right now so I could look into your beautiful eyes & kiss you long & slow! I Miss YOU Baby! I Do Love YOU so very much! Sweet Dreams! Snuggle up close Baby! Let me hold you tight! :-*:-*:-*:


How anyone can up and leave their child and choose anything/anyone over their own baby (drugs,money,etc) is beyond me. I can't wait to have a baby and devote my whole life to their well-being and happiness. I feel like being a mommy is one of my purposes in life and I can't wait to experience it someday soon.


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Baby Wall Quotes- I love this, and would like it on MY wall... haha. Instead of where it says Little one, it could say "Grandma!" Har. I am silly.

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Having my baby fall asleep in my arms takes away all of my worries and stresses. A sense of complete and total peace comes over me

I absolutely love having our surprise baby boy. He's been such a blessing to us. He falls asleep on me every single day still. He's still my baby at It's crazy to think when Avery was his age we had a newborn. He really did complete our family!