Sky Lanterns by wlop. Hue and value, kiddies. Learn it, live it. beautiful composition that draws in the viewer on a more that superficial basis. Noice.

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Simple constellation patterns for night lights, flashlights, reference cards, and, and, and...

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ArtStation - Sister Abygael - Wild Wild Vampires, Alexandre Chaudret

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We've had some spectacular cloud formations in San Diego recently, but this one might take the cake! 10News viewer Maribel saw this outside her house in San Marcos yesterday and sent us these images. What do you think of it, in one word?

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CLOUD IDENTIFICATION CHART: print this chart on card stock or cardboard, then cut out the center, (add a stick at the base = optional) and have the child hold it up to the sky to identify the clouds. Find chart on "E is for Explore!" site:

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The Size of the Sun in the Sky As Seen From Each Planet Infographic | Infographics Blog. BUT to enhance our understanding even further, what would the sun look like in relation to the sky as if the viewer is standing on the planet looking at the sun.

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