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Three myths about skunky beer

Do you know fact from fiction about Skunked beer

Time for the Ape of the Day! Fun fact: Florida’s skunk ape is a proud alumnus of Trump University.

Preventable Disease Fast Facts Disease: Rabies Causative agent: Virus Source: Bite from a rabid animal; most common sources are skunks, raccoons, bats, coyotes Clinical signs: Can look very similar to other diseases! Lameness, behavioral changes, anorexia, paralysis, colic, aggressive behavior, hyper-reactive Treatment: None, rabies is always fatal Prognosis: Very poor, fatal disease Vaccination Recommendations: Once yearly #eevs #exclusivelyequine #veterinarymedicine

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10 Pungent Facts About Skunks

These guys get a bad rap, but there's amazing chemistry and crazy behavior behind the animal kingdom's smelly outcast. 10 Pungent Facts About Skunks | Mental Floss


March 2014. THEME: Lost and Found. This month's magic bag riddle was: "I lost something! What can it be? I lost something. Can you find it for me? If it has a hole I am not pleased, but it is not swiss cheese. Sometimes it has kind of a funk, but I did not lose my skunk! Here's your final clue, it goes on your foot, but it's not a shoe. Say the Magic Words: I love books! It's a sock!" The kids found the fact that there was a real sock in the bag totally hilarious.

Purple Power was developed by Dutch Passion seed bank and is a cross between and Super Skunk and Holland’s Hope (see below). It gets its name from the fact that after a few weeks the buds start to turn purple. Purple is good :-).

Hollands Hope 2.0 is a cross between Afghan and Dutch Skunk, which has fully adapted to the wet and cold Dutch climate. Hollands Hope 2.0 owes its name to the fact that it can even fully flower and produce excellent results in a wet and changeable summer, thereby giving hope to Dutch outdoor growers. Hollands Hope is a strong and reliable mould resistant plant, 80% Indica and 20% Sativa.