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My sister is this way. She out eats everybody in the house and still weighs 98 pounds. People all the time ask her if she eats.

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I hate the fact that it's a " Skinny Girl Problems " picture, but I just think it is funny because I was always made to sit in the middle because i was the youngest ;)

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Skinny Girl Problem....every time someone does this to me...I want to scream. Don't do it.

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So true I get so tired of people saying "you don't need to work out, you're already skinny" Skinny isn't always in shape people.

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That is literally how almost all of my friends introduced themselves to me

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Skinny Girl Problems #150: Having to get a bigger pair of jeans cause you're so tall, but the waist size is way too big.

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Everyone thinks I'm weak just because I am skinny. Everyone always says "I'll get that it might be to heavy" when its like 25 pounds. Like WTF

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Every girl's dream is to be able to eat anything and not gain weight. Here I am, eating everything, hoping I could gain some weight. You obviously do not know about skinny girl problems.

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Lmfao legit my breakfast yesterday my friend had to grab my arm and show that she could wrap their entire hand around it and then of course every one else had to try lol really girls? This is our breakfast entertainment

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Skinny Girl Problem 129: Wanting to eat so much food but getting full after two bites..... | Confession Ecard |

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