Here is the skin Tear ‪#‎Tiger‬ Tattoo..!! Original Concept belongs to Great Realism Master Tattooist Mr. ‪#‎Eric‬ from ‪#‎IronBuzz‬ ‪#‎Mumbai‬, This is just a try to give proper respect to the original one..!! Thanks for looking guys. Hope you like it..!!

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Check out this awesome map skin tear tattoo by our newest tattoo artist Leo! Give us a call to get tattooed! 512-502-4592 Austin Texas

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Space inside - Here’s a super realistic tattoo (on the skin part only though) that shows off how you are a galaxy inside you. It could mean that you are a mystery. Behind all those physical traits, you could be something much more than what others perceive of you.

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Realistic Ripped Skin Tattoos | ... realistic american flag tattoo on his arm to look as the skin is torn

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Kinda like My next tattoo! will be a full sleeve galaxy with my skin tearing open around the the edges

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