New Skin Burn Classifications: Display skin burns labeled by numeric degree and skin depth. #skinburn #dermatology #ABMH Blog

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Understanding Skin Burn Severity anatomy poster updated burn classifications and Rule of Nines depicted for burn trauma, EMT/EMS and paramed...

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Create burned skin tutorial - it's pretty involved but if it turns out like the pictures... its worth a try at Halloween

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Skin burn that covers the majority of the skin, this would be a good idea for my zombie as it means i will have more time to focus on injuries rather than focusing on changing the skin tone from human to death. This is also a really easy and effective way of using special effects and creates a very realistic outcome.

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PluroGen Therapeutics Inc. is a skin care and wound healing company commercializing novel, technologically advanced and clinically advantaged burn, wound and skin care products. patented and superior skin, burn and wound care products from its portfolio of four synergistic and complementary patented technology platforms. PluroGen is moving its first product, a topical antimicrobial gel, into Phase III clinical trials.

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