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The Moca- “mosaic & caramelo” skate video: The Moca skate video, filmed 2010-2016 all around… #Skatevideos #caramelo #moca #mosaic #skate

Two way screens are a symbol of the party always watching and monitoring its people. They also symbolize the tendency of totalitarian governments to abuse technology to further their own ends instead of to improve living standards.


Infant using a walker edited like a 90's skate video

ESPN Skate on Film – The History & Importance of Skate Videos – Seg 1.: Go to… #Skatevideos #espn #film #history #Importance

Jason Crowley and friends part - SD Underground - http://DAILYSKATETUBE.COM/jason-crowley-and-friends-part-sd-underground/ - The SD homies followed by Jason Crowell in the 2014 skate video "SD Underground". Filmed and edited by David Smarty. Additional footage provided by Jason, via I swag. truesk8boardmag.comCast: True Skateboard MagTags: SD Underground, True skateboardmag, Smarty, ... - Crowley, friends, jason, part, underground