Skate with Capers and Brown Butter "Long a French favorite, skate is becoming increasingly popular with American cooks as they discover just how moist, succulent and flavorful it is. Ours is a classic French preparation—poached with herbs and sauced with a combination of pungent capers, vinegar and mellow browned butter. Boiled potatoes are the classic accompaniment."

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Roasted Skate Recipe Ideas Skate is DELICIOUS! Known as "poor mans scallop". It does spoil quickly, so get it FRESH. Stinks , even when fresh & uncooked, but the mild flavor will shock you! Def have to get it at a fish market & it will just appear, no :season" for it. It's on my fave fish list!

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Skate meunière with browned butter and capers - Blue Kitchen. If you haven't, you're officially a moron.

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Fried Skate Recipes......Chuck's Day Off ......SEASON...2 ...... Epi....The Landlords 11615..... Food Network Canada

Great British Chefs supply a dazzling collection of skate recipes, including an Asian inspired skate recipe and a skate with chorizo recipe

Skate baked in the bag with artichokes, purple potatoes, capers and crème fraîche

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Channel New England with this rich and warming one-pot clam chowder. If fresh clams are unavailable (or you're running short on time), substitute two 10-ounce cans of baby clams and 6 cups of bottled clam juice.

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