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Trooping Fairies – These fairies are generally the same size as pixies (6”tall) but have no wings. They are known as trooping fairies because they travel together in long processions. The males often wear green jackets and they tend live near the woods where there is a lot of underbrush. They are also known to inhabit trees often referred to by humans as a “fairy tree.” Trooping fairies can be larger or smaller than 6” and can be friendly or sinister.


Mythology and Folklore Readings: Myth-Folklore Unit: Japanese Fairy Tales (Lang). Stories of the wicked tanuki and other magical creatures, plus the fisherman Urashimataro.


(1) per pale, (2) per fesse, (3) per bend, (4) per cross (quarterly), (5) per saltire, (6) gyronny, (7) half per fesse and per pale, (8) shakefork, (9) per pale and bend dexter on dexter side, (10) per pale with potent merlons sinister, (11) flame bend dexter, (12) helical per fesse. Ordinary heraldic figures: (13) chief, (14) base, (15) crowned chief (chief with diminutive chief above), (16) fileted chief (chief with diminutive filet below), (17) fesse, (18) pale,