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Vintage Emilio Pucci 1960s Velvet Handbag with Yellow Frame

- Vintage handbag with trendy look - Pucci velvet multicolored handbag - Fresh combination of blue, violet, pink, green and yellow - With yellow leather trim - Single yellow leather handle - Gold tone clasp closure - Inside lined in black and yellow leather - With two side pockets - Made in Italy


Sparkle Rainbow Hair Clips Set

SHIPS WITHIN THREE DAYS!Partially Lined - Single Pronged Alligator Clips with no teeth. Set of 15 Clips - one of each color.Colors included in the SPARKLE collection:  Black Silver White Gold Plum Lavender Teal Aqua GreenLime Green Yellow Orange Red Fuchsia PinkApprox. 1 3/4"

USAAF 'Tropical' Bancroft Flighter Visor Cap Pale tan cotton lightweight cap with a single thickness (true crusher type) chocolate brown peak. Yellow satin lining with greasecloth crown.

A Single Mutation Causes Rare Brain Disorder. An fMRI scan of the brain of a patient with CLP1 mutation reveals severe atrophy of the brainstem (red line) and cerebellum (blue) as well as lack of formation of the corpus callosum (green), which connects both sides of the cerebrum (yellow), which is also atrophied. The lines outline approximately the expected sizes of the brain areas. Credit Yale.


Yellow Swamp Russula Russula claroflava cap is up to 10cm wide, convex, smooth, bright/lemon yellow, dry. older specimens have a planar cap with a depressed center with small radiating furrow-lines at the cap-edges. flesh is white, soft, bruising grey. gills are yellow and directly attached to the stem. stem is dry, white, non-tapering, slowly bruising to grey/black. grows singly or as several under birch and mixed woods. appears in summer and fall. has a mild taste with no odor; cook before…

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How To Pick A Watermelon

How To Pick A Watermelon :: 1. Look for the big yellow field spot. 2. Make sure it is heavy. 3. Look for white scars or black dots/ lines. 4. Go for the dull one (NOT shiny). 5. Look for the darkest skin.

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Sweet Single Breasted Pleated Design Cotton Blend A-Line Skirt For Women

Sweet Single Breasted Pleated Design Cotton Blend A-Line Skirt For Women (YELLOW,L) China Wholesale -

“Mellow Yellow,” Donovan. "Electrical banana is gonna be a sudden craze," a line from this psychedelic single, sparked a rumor that smoking dried banana peels would get you high. In fact, it referred to yellow vibrators that caught on around the time Donavan wrote the 1966 song. As for the phrase "mellow yellow," it first appeared a half-century earlier in James Joyce's "Ulysses"—in a description of Molly Bloom's buttocks.