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"But you've always been good enough you've just been giving the best parts of you to the wrong people." R.h Sin quote

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you are a both princess and a warrior, a precious daughter and a beautiful sunrise. never let your light dim, for you were created to shine for Him.

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Perfectly stated to capture the true essence of the reality endured by allowing oneself to believe the master of deception.

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I'm back. In case. Were you meaning no to me? It's just she said it twice. Hope she's having a good time I'm quite jealous of that one lol! I'm only worried that they may be taken in and manipulated later. The girls are perfectly well taken care of and they know that. And they take care of others.

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"El pecado te llevará más lejos de lo que pretendas ir, te mantendrá ahí mucho más tiempo del que te puedas imaginar, y te costará mucho más de lo que estés dispuesto a pagar."

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Not dangerous, but beautiful, women are queens kings died quite some time ago. poem 906 by r.h. Sin by rhsin on Etsy

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