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Sims 3 Demo

Wrap it up with Festival of Trees | Stampin' Delight, Louise Sims, UK Demo, Staffordshire | Gift Wrap, Festival of Trees, Tree Punch, Tag Topper Punches


Manchado: Manchado is a rare coat pattern that has only cropped up in Argentina in a handful of horses from various breeds (Criollo, Hackney, Arab, and TB so far). Because it is only found in Argentina and it has not proven to be hereditable, it may be the result of environmental factors rather than genetic ones. The pattern is not known to be related to other spotting patterns like the appaloosa pattern or Bend Or spots.


Another blast from the past, I made these either for the CAS demo or just after TS4 was released. At the time I only made 3 colour options. So since I was already updating it, I thought I would add to...