Microsoft PowerPoint 2013 Beginner Through Advanced Training - Udemy Free Coupon Microsoft PowerPoint 2013 beginner through advanced training focused on all the commonly used aspects of PowerPoint 2013Want to Take Your Presentation Slides to a Whole New Level? Enroll inMicrosoft PowerPoint 2013 Beginner Through Advanced Training You may think you know Microsoft PowerPoint 2013 but you don't know jack if you don't how to use advanced animation to bring your boring static slides to life…

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Reevio Video Maker [+UNLIMITED CREDITS] WORLD'S SIMPLEST VIDEO MAKER Make Animation Completely Online in Minutes What is Reevio? Reevio is the only cloud based video making software allowing you to make animation elements and full length videos for virtually any marketing or branding need. Neither technical skills or creative skills are required, simple customize templates and hit submit. Why Promote? Reevio is the only video maker of its kind. Offering users professional…

This Stop Motion Animation project is so easy to set up, and a great way to encourage STEAM concepts with kids |

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One of the fundamental computer science concepts is that everything we do on a computer is really just turning binary digits on and off. Even though this sounds simple, it can be a concept that is hard to wrap one's head around. This activity brings the binary concept to reality by creating a binary switch with the MaKey MaKey kit to turn a Scratch animation on or off.

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