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Silver Tattoo. Perfect for your wedding day. It sets off the white of the gown. Find it at The design is the Desert Flower pack.

Tattoo Inspiration Sailor Moon Silver crystal silberkristall Inked Sailormoon Crystals By Jessica Kinzer / rabauke tattoo and arts

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Burning Man costuming idea! Henna inspired thigh tattoo "Sundara" collection now available at

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Blue Silver Tattoo Ink!!!! Omg I'm in luv...for my Faerie wings!

Intenze Essential Silver Tattoo Ink Set. The INTENZE Essential Silver Tattoo Ink Set contains Blue Silver, Purple Silver, and Titanium Silver. These new tattoo inks in the INTENZE line give you a creative medium to replicate silver finishes in your tattoos for different lights, reflections, finishes, and textures. With these silver tattoo inks in your artistic arsenal every cloud will have a silver lining!

Stars and Moon #Tattoo >>> LOVE the brilliant white in contrast with the grey and black. this is definitely on my list of next tattoo ideas!

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