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Silken Windhound

Leopold (Silken Windhound) photo courtesy of Jacqui Sjonger J.S. Photoworks

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golden juvenile silken windhound (breed developed from borzoi and whippet ancestry: borzoi appearance and whippet size)

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Silken Windhound. The First American Sighthound is now recognized and registered by the UKC

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Xena - Silken Windhound- from wiki - comfortable in sporting fields as on the couch at home, affectionate, playful, ideal family companions, good playmates for gentle children, unsuited as guard dogs due to trusting, friendly nature, excel in racing, lure coursing, agility, therapy, flyball, obedience, sighthound nature means that any small, fast running animals in the field may be chased

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