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HOMEMADE SILK PLANT CLEANER – Cheap, simple (2 ingredients), & it works!!! You will never again buy the expensive silk plant cleaners from the store!!!


4' ZZ Silk Plant

Zamioculcas zamiifolia - ZZ Plant GET THIS! SOOOO EASY. IKEA is by far the cheapest place for these. They can be combined or divided b/c of underground rhizome structure.


Nearly Natural Mixed Greens with Wicker Silk Plant, Green (Other)

Nearly Mixed s with Wicker Silk Plant


Silk plant/flower cleaner: spray bottle with 1/2 water, 1/2 rubbing alcohol. Safe for indoor/outdoor use. Just spray on and let air dry! Dust disapears!


Silk Grass Plant

Many of us work hard every day so we can escape to the countryside and its pastoral beauty just so we can recharge our batteries and psyche. But if you're not able to leave the office very often, why not bring the pleasant feeling of the rolling grass covered pastures inside, causing a seachange in productivity and office morale. This lush and full 34" tall artificial grass plant is sure to do the trick for many years to come. Priced in a non-decorative liner and shown in our Light ...


Fact Friday! Display a leafy green plant in the Southeast of your living room or office. The healthier the plant, the better. Choose plants that have thick round leaves like a jade plant. The rounder the leave, the more auspicious the plants are said to be! It is advisable to use a real plant rather than a silk plant.


Silver King w/Wood Vase Silk Plant #6617 Create a regal environment in your home or office with this lovely silk Silver King. Slender stems adorned with glossy decoratively patterned leaves make this silk plant an ornamental delight.