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Above is a trailer for the movie remake of the popular horror game, Silent Hill. While video game based movies are typically received as mediocre at best, the potential exists for games to extend outside of its original medium. Other notable examples include the Pokemon anime and the Dragon Age books. Cinematic cut scenes have become hugely relevant in video games, and as long as the two share the connection of rich narratives and cinematic scenes, it is only a matter of time. Kinda Win?

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New Silent Hill looks pretty rad. Not sure aboot the story, but it looks cool. Silent Hill: Revelation 3D - Official Trailer (HD)

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The Silent Hills Playable Trailer Can Be A Little Frustrating

Released as under the abbreviated name "P.T.", the playable trailer for Silent Hills features a lot of wandering down the same two hallways. This webcomic by Bryce Corbett captures the frustration of trying to figure out the game's puzzles:

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Husk a First Person Tribute to Silent Hill.