All "Silent Hill" - xbox, playstation, etc. (want to try a few at least; love horror)

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Silent Hill is a popular Hollywood horror movie. You may have seen the movie, but many of us didn't play the game from Silent Hill Series. It's one of the best horror games. Silent Hill: Homecoming is the 6th game of Silent Hill game series and made by Double Helix Games. This game is also known as Silent Hill V to the gamers.

Silent Hill Movie Soundtrack 2006 (Full Album) - songs from the game series (1-4) that were used in the movie

Nothing says amusement like a chainsaw-wielding, blood-stained rabbit! Robbie the Rabbit, the Lakeside Amusement Park mascot from the *Silent Hill* video game series, has joined Medicom Toy’s high-end Real Action Heroes line. The articulated figure masterfully brings the mysterious mascot to life, faithfully recreating the look and feel of an amusement park full-body character costume. The blood s...

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all the silent hill games, for ps1,ps2,ps3. I just love them!!!! I've bet all but the last 1. then there is 2 movies that have come out. and there's a game that has come out for the psp.

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