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Everyday Habits That Are Signs Of OCD

Thank you so much @violet_hollow for tagging me. It took a while to come up with 20 somewhat interesting facts.. Sooo voilà! 1. I was born in France and I grew up in Germany. I've also lived in several other countries such as Canada Peru and India. 2. I love to travel! 3. I'm short (163m). 4. I grew up speaking four languages fluently and I love learning new ones! Im currently learning Farsi. 5. I'm a walking karaoke machine - I know all the lyrics by heart even though I'm a terrible singer…

from Anxious Toddlers

Video Lesson: OCD in Children: Are you Missing the Signs?

Take this 8 minute video lesson Are you missing the signs of OCD in your child?


11 Signs Someone Might Have OCD, According To Experts


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