Effects of Breast Cancer Radiation on the Body

The idea behind radiation is that by damaging the cancer cells’ DNA, it will cause enough damage that it can’t be repaired, which causes the cancer cells to die | HealthFaithStrength.com

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Radiation skin relief cream from TriDermaMD is specially formulated to protect skin from the side-effects of radiation and chemotherapy. Help soothe and prevent skin damage.

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Pdf charts [Chemo & radiation] to track side effects and medications take. so you can discuss options. Taking care of yourself during radiation therapy

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Most will be aware of how big Pharma and the cancer industry in general try to rubbish the amazing work natural health physicians do for those suffering from cancer. There are many well documented natural treatments that very effectively treat cancer, without the horrific side effects of for example radiotherapy. But is not good for the bottom

New Radiation Therapy for Cancer Patients that has NO side-effects such as hair loss or nausea.

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