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People just make me ill. Sick of seeing all the trash and filth in this world, and it only keeps getting worse. When are people going to learn that decency is the only thing that is ever acceptable, and that all the filth needs to be expelled forever

from David Oragui

7 Qualities of A Good Friend

Yes! Yes! Yes! I am sick of fake friends because I am done, they are obviously so jealous because they can see that they are sluts and clearly I am not. Backstabbing two faced worthless hoes! Ugh


And yet, a lot of people still can't seem to grasp this. I get sick of hearing "how come you don't ever call or text"....the phone works both ways! I'm sick and tired of having to be the only one to contact "friends" when in return they don't contact me and then they get "offended" because they take it personal. This is why I keep my so called "friends" list short that way I'm not let down when I don't hear from them.


They burned the bridge, then ask why I don't visit. OMG this is a very accurate quote for what has happened in the last couple of years! RBG III and MAG this is for you and your spouses! Get a clue.


For real. Sometimes I wish people would grow up, learn to communicate, understand it's not all about them, give me the same respect I give them, and mind their own business. Easier said than done for some. But geez.