The Pearl of Siberia, Lake Baikal, 1992, Nat Geo >>> Something like 40% of the world's fresh water all in this one lake, I think it is.

The Pearl of Siberia, Lake Baikal, It is here where Petrenkov has made his stronghold in a tiny town along the shore, and where he has taken his prisoner.

What is the purpose and who built these mysterious structures in Siberia?

He is known for evangelizing to the Ostyaks. Both the Khanty people and the Ket people were formerly called Ostyaks, whereas the Selkup people were referred to as Ostyak-Samoyed.

route trans mongolie express

From Moscow to Beijing on the Deluxe Trans Siberian Express. One day. One day.

Russia is in two continents .. the Western part can be called Eastern Europe, while the Eastern part is in Asia. The dividing line is the Ural mountain chain.

China’s Russian Invasion Russian officials have mused openly about the prospects of a de facto takeover of the country’s Far East by Chinese immigrants (legal and illegal alike) reports Joshua Kucera.

Map of ASIA continent. Fact: about 60% of the world´s population are living in Asia, (for comparison - in North America continent only about 7,5%.)

Map of Asia continent. Fact: about of the world´s population are living in Asia, (for comparison - in North America continent only about

Les 3 vallees ski map

Skiing in The Three Valleys, France. Chalets, Hotels, Ski Hire and Holidays in the French ski resort of The Three Valleys, .

1895 Siberia Map Russian Empire Chinese Empire by Craftissimo, €14.00

1895 Siberia Map Russian Empire Chinese Empire by Craftissimo

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From China to Mongolia to Siberia to Moscow. I dream of touring all these through the Trans-Siberian railway system.

Asia Political Map, Map of Asia, Asia Map, Asia Polical Map

Thought to be the world’s oldest lake, Lake Baikal in southern Siberia is also one of the world’s deepest, and one of the clearest. These combined characteristics make it a prime location for photographers on any occasion. But photographer Kristina Makeeva took things a step further when she recently walked on the frozen lake for a set of incredible photographs.

Magical Photos of the World's Oldest Lake Frozen Over

I Walked On Frozen Baikal, The Deepest And Oldest Lake On Earth To Capture Its Otherworldly Beauty - Fairy Lake Baikal In Siberia

Khanate of Sibir - Wikipedia

Khanate of Sibir - Wikipedia