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If I hadn't asked him if he was seeing anyone, I would have regretted not ever doing so. He was kinda shy....

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25 Fun Homemade Halloween Costumes On A Budget


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Rainbow of Shy Guys! Super Mario Bros Fan Art by Katie Clark

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Shy Guy's DS by on @deviantART

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babe. on

Crush quotes this is way I feel toward my crush I do all these things on the line after did u think<<<<AHHHHHHH I WISH OH MY SWEET GOODNESS I WISH THIS SO HARD

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Shy Guy

Shy Guys- what's behind the mask? Only Luigi knows. ;)

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Well I wonder if he does like me, because I heard that he might sooo..?

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Yoshi and the ship of Shy Guys

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Deluxe Fiberglass Shy Guy Mask

Deluxe Fiberglass Shy Guy Mask by BlackToothCreations on Etsy

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Big fire boo

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