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Aquarians have the habit of shutting people out when they're under stress. SOMEtimes true depending on the person...if were super close to u then u know it all!!!

Rather than criticising me for shutting people out and hiding away, why not have a look at the people who have driven me to it. Blood might be thicker than water but often it's a noxious substance and one's family of origin can be a pit of vipers.

from Marissa

The INFJ “Door Slam”

Shutting people out of your life after they’ve hurt your or someone you love isn’t specific to INFJs, but it happens often enough that we’ve given it a name: The INFJ Door Slam. I…

So I met this one person and then like a year later we were best friends like extra close and now all she's do in is abandoning me for the tucking snotty populars its so annoying

Too many EVIL people out there that think they are not. Karma is a bitch & she sees all.