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Salem 309 Saturday Mourning review Its hard to believe this wonderful show is coming to an end. Its quite heartbreaking considering that this is the best season between all of the seasons with Hell finally coming to Earth. Also what a big surprise to find out that innocent and sweet Anne has been the one to fear all these seasons. Its hard to believe after all these seasons of Anne wanting to save the world and the people she is the one to destroy it by letting hell loose.I guess its true…

Alexis Sky Before Fetty Wap Before dating Fetty Wap Alexis Skyy was a stripper. The former couple's sex tape is being shared online. Scroll to the Instagram video to see Alexis' response to the sex tape. She discusses the tape with Amber Rose. Alexis reveals that she was not expecting the tape to be leaked. Fetty Wap believes that Alexis leaked the tape. Hours after the tape was released Fetty Wap's lawyers drafted cease and desist letters. The letters require websites to remove the video…

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====================================== please like share and subscribe my videos Some questions you just cant answer! Khloe Kardashian visited the Late Late Show on Wednesday night where she participated in the popular game Spill Your Guts or Fill Your Guts with host James Corden. The Revenge Body star seemed game to answer the tricky questions Corden threw at her even when she was asked which show between Rob…

Khloe Kardashian premiered a new reality TV show this week, imaginatively titled 'Revenge Body'. In it the 32 year old star will aim to help contestants work towards achieving a healthier mind, body and soul… or so the blurb says. But will this show help promote body positivity or is it likely to do more harm than good?

Taxstone - Troy Ave Beef Irving Plaza Shooting Taxstone was arrested in connection to the Troy Ave T.I. concert shooting at New York City's Irving Plaza. The shooting occurred last year and Troy Ave's bodyguard Ronald "B$B Banga" McPhatter was killed. The surveillance footage showed Troy Ave shoot his gun during the concert but luckily he avoided indictment. Taxstone was arrested in Texas. Troy Ave released a song dissing Taxstone and it looks like Taxstone attempted to get revenge. Troy…

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The Best Looks to Copy from Revenge

After the last season of Gossip Girl ended, I found myself looking for more shows to watch on TV. You see, I don't usually watch TV shows, especially the series ones, but I took a liking to them recently because I enjoyed seeing so many gorgeous looks from...

Revenge really is sweet: study shows the mood-enhancing effect of retaliation By Alex Fradera When we feel ostracised, we’re more likely to behave aggressively. Previous research suggests that vengeance on those who we think have wronged us can be driven by a sense of justice , and may activate neural reward centres . But being ostracised can also lead to generalised aggression, even lashing out at unrelated people, so there seems to be more going on. In new research in Jour..

10 More Times Tumblr Users Truly Understood Harry Potter

10 More Times Tumblr Users Truly Understood Harry Potter |

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True facts => One of the many examples of why the show is 5,000 times better if you've read the original stories.

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