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Make an old shovel work like new (and look better, too) by following our simple tool care tips.


Steel Round Point Shovel The punishment for Vestal Virgins breaking their vows of chastity was being buried alive. However, Amulius did not want to anger the Gods and instead spared her life.


Love this idea - maybe try with a faux wall finish and use paper lace doilies pressed into glaze faux layer then pulled back off ??? Will try on a practice wall board and see. :) Pretty lace shovels


Bosse Ergonomic Shovels

I'm not sure I approve of the Bosse Tools ethos. An ergonomic shovel for driving through dirt and clearing snow that precludes its users from walking away from the grunt work with tweaked backs, sore wrists, and gimp arms? Uhhh...those are all my ex


Winter Fun ~ Snow Shovel Race Minute to Win it Games Ready for one of our favorite winter Minute to Win it Games?  For this simple indoor game, you can shovel snow with out going outside.  Like all Minute to Win … Continue reading →


Life Hacks Today. #9 Using Onion To Clear Stuffy Nose

Non-stick cooking spray can help you shovel snow very hacks.