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So what's that RWBY thingy about? Well it's kinda like...

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Cannabis sativa cultivar Cannatonic, whole genome shotgun sequencing p - Nucleotide - NCBI

Plant natural product research can be facilitated through genome and transcriptome sequencing approaches that generate informative sequence and expression datasets that enable characterization of biochemical pathways of interest. As the overwhelming majority of plant-derived natural products are derived from species with little, if any, sequence and/or genomic resources, the ability to perform whole genome shotgun sequencing and assembly has been and will continue to be transformative as…

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Here, the author briefly introduces next-generation sequencing and then focuses on transcriptome shotgun sequencing (RNA-Seq). This article gives a broad overview and provides practical guidance for the many steps involved in a typical RNA-Seq work flow from sampling, to RNA extraction, library preparation and data analysis. He focuses on principles, presents useful tools where appropriate and point out where caution is needed or progress to be expected. This tutorial is mostly targeted at…

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