A mysterious, vengeance-filled spirit stalks an English town, appearing wherever children die. Subtle, short, beautiful and moody-scary, this one’s a classic Gothic ghost story.

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Charles Dickens’ unlike a lot of his Victorian cotemporaries did not believe in ghosts. Despite this, ghosts did fascinate him and he wrote about them. * His short ghost stories like all of his novels reflected a strong social message. Dickens grew up in London during a time of great poverty and disarray. His stories reflect the London he kn

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The Aural Aesthetics Of Ghosts In BBC Ghost Stories – Part 8 (The Signalman). | Celluloid Wicker Man

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The Tractate Middoth is a short ghost story by British author M. R. James. It was published in 1911 in More Ghost Stories, James's second collection of ghost stories. This version of the story was adapted by Mark Gatiss and broadcast by BBC2 as part of the long-running A Ghost Story for Christmas series (2013).

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