Hott Black High Heel Bootie's W/ Gold Buckles Never Worn! In Excellent Condition !! Purchased from Shi a few years ago & just never wore them. Perfect for Fall!! Shi Shoes Ankle Boots & Booties

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A city that's 1339 years old, situated in east China's Zhejiang Province, has been submerged under Qiandao Lake since 1959 for the construction of the Xin'an River Hydropower Station.

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Chloe is one of the most adorable 3 month old Mal-shi puppies. I was always a big dog person but now I understand why everyone has little dogs. Chloe

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Olympic Park Observation Tower, Beijing, China designed by Shi Yingfang, Li Lei and Wen Yaling, height 243m. Construction began in 2008, to coincide with that year's Summer Olympics and completed/opened in 2014. It is used strictly for observation; there is no provision for offices or apartments. 258 metres (846 ft) in height, its design, with 4 smaller circular floors at different heights and positions below a larger top floor, is meant to echo the Olympic rings.

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shia muslims , shi'a muslims , shia , shi'a , Shiite Photos

shia muslims , shi'a muslims , shia , shi'a , Shiite Photos

Her clothes torn, her hair wild, her arms tied to her neck and blood on her face she stood proudly in front of the tyrant and when asked by him about what she saw in the brutal slaughter of her family she looked him in the eyes and said, ''I saw nothing but the beauty of God''

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