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crofthoose hat

Hello! here is my design for the 2016 Shetland Wool Week, the Crofthoose Hat! As you know I love crofthouse’s and i’m known for my cushions but I wanted to develop my favourite image in…


The picturesque town of Lerwick sits amidst rolling green hills dotted with hardy sheep and bold, stocky ponies. After a day spent wandering the hills of Shetland, the stone cottages of this coastal town offer a warm and welcoming glow, inviting you to come sit and knit a while. Inspired by the adorable Baa-ble Hat I knit in preparation for Shetland Wool Week, this pattern is our postcard home of our fond memories of Lerwick.


This chart was inspired by Donna Smith’s Baa-ble hat which was produced for Shetland Wool Week. This chart includes two border collies which will need to be duplicate stitched into the hat when completed. The collies were patterned after my own dogs Jennie the dog and Sophie, who both happily herd sheep.


2016 Shetland Wool Week Free Hat Pattern available!


Shetland Wool Week | Shetland Wool Week is a world renowned celebration of Britain’s most northerly native sheep, the Shetland textile industry and the rural farming community on these islands


Spent a couple of hours this morning knitting this bauble instead of doing the things I should have been doing. Shetland Wool Week


Shetland Wool Week classes: due to popular demand, more classes have been added to the schedule including two classes by myself on Mug Cosies. During the class we will look at knitting in the round with more than one colour, steeking, picking up stitches etc. The mug cost we knit in class may not look exactly like this one as I might modify the shape a bit but the learning process will be the same! I am also doing extra classes on Traditional Haps and Shades of Shetland. Classes will be…