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30 Best Sherlock Quotes from 'The Six Thatchers' (4x01

Sherlock Quote from 4x01 │ Sherlock Holmes: What is that? (balloon with a face drawn on it) John Watson: That is… me. Well, it’s a me substitute. Sherlock Holmes: Don’t be so hard on yourself. You know I value your little contributions. John Watson: Yeah? It’s been there since nine this morning. Sherlock Holmes: Has it? Where were you? John Watson: Helping Mrs H with her Sudoku.

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Martin was breathtaking in this shot. I just can't say enough about this man

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Steve just looked at me when this happened and was like, "that's you."

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This honestly broke my heart, I feel like he always says that to himself when he feels embarrassed to wear anything

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14 Times Mrs Hudson Was The Best Thing About "Sherlock"

And finally, when Watson and Sherlock weren’t speaking so Mrs Hudson launched a cunning plan. | 14 Times Mrs Hudson Was The Best Thing About "Sherlock"

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I like how Sherlock can't believe Mycroft wouldn't be good with babies. Do these 2 not know each other?

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Sherlock and Rosie. Sherlock S04 E01 "The Six Thatchers". Season 4.

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"What's the matter with you? Are you having an earthquake?" - High #Sherlock and Mrs. Hudson ((Bahahahahahaha!))

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Sherlock - Series 4 - The Lying Detective Very emotional and deep considering Sherlock is the one saying this. He knows he hurt John by the Fall. #TLD

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sherlock bbc tumblr textpost johnlock season 4

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