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If you wanna look like Sherlock! | Sherlock Scarf Guide |

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GOING TO ANIME BOSTON AS MANY TIMES AS HUMANLY POSSIBLE THIS wins hands down. (Sherlock cosplayer at Anime Boston)

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BBC Sherlock: Mobile Lovers by essie-morbide - Irene Adler: essie-morbide Sherlock Holmes: Shigeako Photography: Revelio Revelio came up with this awesome idea, based on an artwork by Banksy. It really fits!

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Molly Hooper #Sherlock . This is great. I attempted a very subtle minor Molly Hooper at SDCC and there were no other Sherlock cosplayers #dead

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!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1 I love the fact this is a picture of Olan Rogers from The Ghost in the Stalls. This is great.

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