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Cobane Studio: Jewels of Winter 16 x 16 (inches) print size wrapped canvas Giclee Print; chickadee; copyrighted artwork

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mercedesquinnthetgirlmistress: Ne pensez juste que vous pouvez être un modèle, CD, TG & amp; Les magazines TS femmes sont ou seront Glamorous Life & amp; Trans-Divas. Nous acceptons les photos & amp inédits ou déjà unposted; ou selfies.

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Elegant corset in classic black, padded fleece, will give an alluring silhouette shape.

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A man, just a man, a simple yet passionate and lustful man, who cannot get enough of fembois, crossdressers and all things gender bending. I love long naked smooth torsos and slender boi hips. I love...

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