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Fast Framer Universal Storage Shed Framing Kit — Universal Roof

Fast Framer Universal Storage Shed Framing Kit 39.99. You can frame a basic shed with just 2x4s. I think this may be a good option for the beginning builder like, oh, say, me.


DIY Greenhouse or Shed Frame - Use E-Z Frame plastic connectors to create a frame of inexpensive 2x2s from your lumberyard. Then, cover it with plastic sheets, panels, plywood, or whatever to create your inexpensive greenhouse or shed. The connectors add strength and simplify saw-cutting the 2x2s

from zulily

Garden Shed Framed Print Set

from The Family Handyman

DIY Storage Shed Building Tips

Keep Shed Framing Straight - A good carpenter is constantly working to keep all the framing straight. And all it takes is a string. Starting at the floor, you can stretch a string along the concrete forms or rim joist and make adjustments to straighten any deviations. Then do the same thing at the top of the walls, and finally when you set the roof trusses or ridge.The trick is to stretch the line across a scrap of wood at each end so there's a space between the line and the part you're…