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EarPlanes are FABULOUS! I looooooove these! I used to have such sharp ear pain when I a spike through my head and then my ears would be clogged up for hours. One of the last times I flew without these I actually lost my hearing for weeks because a pocket of blood had developed behind my ear drum! These have really made a huge difference in my life! I would NEVER fly without them again!


Headaches, Soreness behind left and right ears and sinus pressure have been bothering me. Thought it was a cold, however, these muscles are the ones used when I was in the car accident and tucked my head. Interesting stuff....


JUST WROTE THIS A WEEK OR SO AGO….. Still angry at Peter Evy followed Andy to a clearing where he had decided to make camp early. As they walked Evy felt a sharp pain in her earlobe. The pain almost reminded her of having her ears pierce as a young girl. Then she felt it again in the other ear lobe. “STOP WALKING I HAVE SOMETHING TO SAY MY NAME IS ELY AND I KNOW YOU WELL, YOU KNOW ME WELL BUT HAVE FORGOTTEN ME,” a booming voice said.


This article explains the common causes of shooting pain in the ears. Sharp shooting ear pain can be felt in many conditions related to the ear, nose, throat and head.


Here’s How To Cure The Painful Ear Infections Naturally


Noise can increase our pain, cause headaches and leave us feeling exhausted. So why do fibromyalgia and noise sensitivity co-exist, and how can we cope?

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How To Get Rid Of Painful Earaches And Ear Infections Naturally!

Ear infections cause sharp, intense, dull, or piercing pain. You might detect them at once, or you can struggle to discover the reason why your child cries and tugs the earlobe. Earaches are always a painful and unpleasant issue, which often makes you try all that you can find in the medicine cabinet, even antibiotics, […]