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Shark Throw Pillows ..............This picture is of a shark, taken in Boston,MA. in July 2011. Shark lifespans vary by species. Most live 20 to 30 years. Check out this design on other products in my store.


Talk About An Ancient Mariner! Greenland Shark Is At Least 272 Years Old

The long lifespan of the Greenland shark, shown here in the cold, deep waters of the Uummannaq Fjord, may only be surpassed by that of the ocean quahog, a clam known to live as long as 507 years.

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This shark may be the oldest vertebrate animal in the world

Marine biologists said the deepwater shark could have an average lifespan of at…

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400-year-old shark sets record for vertebrate longevity

A large, slow-swimming shark achieves a mind-boggling age of 400 years for a vertebrate as scientists unravel the mysteries of its impressive lifespan.

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Scientists Determine Greenland Shark To Be Longest Living Vertebrate With Lifespan Up to 400 Years

Scientists Determine Greenland Shark Longest Living Vertebrae With Lifespan Up to 400 Years


Dumb gulper shark-- The dumb gulper shark is a rare and endangered deepwater dogfish that lives off the coast of Australia. It's particularly known for its unusually huge eyes and its long lifespan -- they are believed to live up to 46 years.