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How Emiratis made sha’bi housing their own - in pictures

Shayma - Meen Bye'sha' Bi D'e'a / شيما - مين بيعشق بدقيقة

CNBLUE LINE - Sneak peak at Jung Yong Hwa and YDG'a Sha-bi-lab dance~♪ - YouTube


On Monday, a force belonging to al-Hashed al-Sha’bi militia in Salahuddin province found a number of artifacts dating back to the Babylonian era in one of the ISIS shelters east of the city of Tikrit.


#Iraqi #Army forces backed by al-Hashed al-sha’bi managed to arrest 34 elements belonging to #ISIS in the of areas Ishaqi, #Samarra and #alJazeera, including an #Afghan and #Saudi citizens. Army forces have seized small cars carrying quantities of #weapons and ammunition, in addition to 150 mobile phone cards used in remote detonation operations.


Hoda - Sha'bi Chic (CD), Pop Music

Hoda - Sha'bi Chic

T'aa Sha Bik'ehgo Diné Bi Na nitin doo Ihoo'aah (Diné Cultural Content Standards for Students): Navaho Nation Council

'Owing to my prior ignorance of Abu el Leef's up-to-the-moment sweepingly postmodern Egyptian pop...I don't know what I thought it was. A comedy album? Some sort of Weird Al of Arabia? No. It's actually a sha'bi record...the music, though, is less sha'bi and pure, unadulterated, inventive pop...el Leef is a relatively late bloomer, having recorded his first album in 2010, when he was 42. His music divides audiences: in Egypt, you apparently love him or hate him.'