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The SG-1000 is a cartridge-based video game console released in 1983 by Sega. #sega #segasg1000 #retrogaming

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The Sega SG-1000 (also called the Mark I) was Sega's first home console. Although a market test was conducted in 1981, it would be another two years until the SG-1000 received it's full launch, putting it in direct competition with the NES. Sega's arcade background meant that a number of arcade games were converted to the system, most of which were very well done.

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Yamaha SG 1000 ~ Yamaha first started producing Guitars in the 1930's. - eHow by ~._*G*_.~

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Барабанов японии SG 1000 8 ШТ. рыболовная катушка 6 BB 5.1: 1 FR030 рыбалка колеса спиннингом ручки катушкодержатель алюминия Передач Спиннинг Ложка

SEGA SG 1000 II Console System Boxed NEAR MINT Working Tested Made in JAPAN 1632 -

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