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Seychelle Gabriel as Lourdes from the TV Show "Falling Skies". Who would have thought she was the mole? VTP

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seychelle gabriel falling skies photos | Falling Skies empieza la segunda temporada con un doble capitulo ...

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seychelle gabriel falling skies photos | Fallings Skies" Media - maxasaurus: Seychelle Gabriel Lourdes.

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"Um, didn't she just prove who she was?" Liz asked, looking over at them all as if to ask, didn't you just see that? "She didn't prove anything." Skander replied. Aria stood silent, her mouth slightly open, the wheels in her head turning behind her eyes. Tanner shook his head & pinched the bridge of his nose. "Regardless, she needs to be brought back." Erin replied, looking at Tanner. "Fine." He replied, his voice was raspy & sounded tired.

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seychelle gabriel falling skies photos | Interview: Seychelle Gabriel Talks Falling Skies :

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Natalie "Nat" Hayes :: Seychelle Gabriel. 20 years old. Sophomore. Nat may be one of the most popular people on campus, but no one knew the actual Nat. Sure they knew the girl who went to parties and dated the football player, but they would always take one look at her and stereotype her: the dumb blonde who like to party. But they couldn't be any more wrong. Natalie was a a business major with a minor in computer science and she would rather spend time with her girlfriend than at a party.

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